Nothing can dampen a family game of flag football in the yard faster than a swarm of mosquitos. At Skeeter Eater, preventing the nuisance of pests in your yards is our passion. We are trained know where mosquitos live and we go after the source.

Mosquitos are not just annoying, they are dangerous.They carry diseases, and their bites are uncomfortable, itchy, and sometimes painful. Scratching can lead to infection. Instead of treating these symptoms, call Skeeter Eater to prevent this all together!

Skeeter Eater is knowledgeable to be able to treat every yard uniquely to ensure successful eradication of the unwanted pests. Our licensed technicians are trained to evaluate your home and yard to find the places where the mosquitos feed and reproduce. With regular treatments, we can greatly disrupt the reproduction of mosquitos to ensure they don’t return. Once our treatment is applied, Skeeter Eater’s special spray lasts on your greenery to continue fighting mosquitos even after we leave.

Skeeter Comes... Mosquitos Go.

Early spring morning with the sun rising

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For best results, we recommend spraying once every 21 days. This is for optimal timing to interrupt the breeding cycles and to ensure your yard has the Skeeter Eater protection and prevention you’re needing. Skeeter Eater’s spray works any time of day, so schedule us when it’s most convenient for you and your family.


One question that many off-the-shelf mosquito sprays address is what time of day is best to use their product. Typically, manufacturers encourage users to spray for mosquitos early in the morning or later in the evening. These cooler times of the day are when mosquitos are most active. However, with our Barrier Protection Treatment, our trained technicians can treat your property any time of day to ensure it receives continuous protection from mosquitos for up to 21 days!