Some customers prefer an all-natural pest solution to eliminate synthetic chemicals around their house, and we totally understand! Skeeter Eater has a blend of all-natural mosquito control spray that will be safe for your family, and effective on ticks and mosquitos.

Re-treat your yard every 14 days with this all-natural mosquito and tick spray for the absolute best results all season long. Just because you avoid heavy chemicals, doesn’t mean your yard can’t be enjoyable again! The natural solutions allow for shorter down-time in your yard, for a faster return to the yard you’ll love. After only a 30 minute dry time, you can return to your yard.

Synthetic solutions are perceived to be the most potent pest control possible. When expertly applied, this natural solution can be quite effective. To find out more about this solution, call Skeeter Eater today for a free estimate at (662) 862-5631.

Skeeter Comes... Mosquitos Go.

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